Forgiveness is not, that I am powerful, and so, I just let it go.!
We expect a perfect behavior, perfect reply, perfect response from others, in every possible situation; provided the definition of this perfection is itself incomplete, imperfect, and misguided, and single headed.


Devotion is Love Love is Devotion Bhakti Yoga in Bharat Philosophy deals with Devotion. It is defined as Love. The true definition of Bhakti is True Love. Experience the extreme devotion by loving; loving without lust, without possessiveness. Love is Friendship, Love is Mother, Love is Devotion.Bhakti Yoga is also called PremYoga!

Schrodinger & his “Quantum Mechanics”

GOD is indeed the biggest mystery of all. Humans had fought for thousands of years, killed millions in the name of GOD, but still.. Nobody has a clue about GOD.! Nobody has yet seen it. Neither Science could do much.! Mystery of GOD.! What is GOD? I believe Quantum Physics is the Future.! The whole…


What kinda GOD is he.!
How is he different from others.!
Why is he so Colorful.!

What Everything?

Peace of Mind

True “Peace of Mind” is felt only when one understands that their is actually “No Goal, No Purpose” in Life. It has moved by itself till now. It will keep on moving by itself always. The TIME rules us. It gives the wound and it heals all wounds. When we pretend to be chasing some…

Freedom Absolute

What are we all looking for.. in this Life..!
What are we running for..!
What do we want.!

Chaotic Religions

Which Religion is Best?
Vedanta discusses two kind of principles those may be regarded as Religions:
1. Dvaita Vedanta [द्वैत वेदांत]
2. Advaita Vedanta [अद्वैत वेदांत]
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