Indian Women

Women in Indian Society is regarded as Intangible form of POWER, WEALTH, and KNOWLEDGE. Never in Indian Society, the beauty of women is Glorified.! On the occasion of “International Women’s Day”, let me put some light on position of women in Indian Society. It is generally asserted that may be, women have more freedom in…


||शिवा भ्यान्तरे शक्ति शक्तेर अभ्यांतरे शिवा||
“Within Shiva lies the Shakti, Within Shakti lies the Shiva”


Nothing is Right, Nothing is Wrong Nothing is Good, Nothing is Bad No Rules, No Morals FREEDOM


Where’s the time! People spend their life in earning Money and spending Money. All energy is lost. Life is sucked out of Life. Money Money Money! Misery Misery Misery! Here’s a tip. Try earning Time! Earn time for your charming kid, for your loving wife, for your caring parents. Earn time for yourself. Have Peace. “Earn Time for You”


Common Man lives like a radio. They receive signals. They do not emit signals. They live their mind and body, but not conscious of Atma! When you become Conscious of your real Existence, you start enjoying Present Moment. You no longer plan. You just Live, being attentive to present moment. Being in perfect sync with…

The JOY of NOW

Feel the Present. People talk about the Power of Now! Can you define “Now”! This “Now” is the answer to all problems! Just think about the problem you may be facing now. Not tomorrow morning, not in an hour, but NOW! There’s no problem! The whole essence of Meditation lies in this NOW. Learning how…


“One of the most emphasized principle among all in Vedas and Scriptures is NirBhayaBhava” preached Vivekananda. Our Shastras emphasize on shattering all kind of fears those include all kind of hesitations too. Unless, human is fearless, none can achieve their true potential. None can understand the feeling called.. LIFE Yes, I am Living

The Comptroller of Thunderbolts

There is a unique character in Indian Mythology who existed from the time unknown and who allowed the stories about himself to be promulgated and rumored among people. He may be called ‘God of Destruction’ or terrible ‘Rudra’ who can end this universe in single blow, yet He is Mahadev. This is nature of society and…

Body of Iron; Nerves of Steel

“Nation needs men with body of Iron and nerves of Steel. I told West to be Bold, so be Bolder fellow Indians” — Vivekananda


Political power, in my opinion, cannot be our ultimate aim. It is one of the means used by men for their all-round advancement. The power to control national life through national representatives is called political power. Representatives will become unnecessary if the national life becomes so perfect as to be self-controlled. It will then be…