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The Essence of Enlightenment lies in a Life with Stable Equilibrium. The world around us has a tendency to disturb us. It always stimulates us and wants us to react. Gets us involved in worldly affairs anyhow. It almost becomes a matter of ego for this world to muddle the balance, to grab our attention. It instigates us and wants us to react at any cost.! To again attain this Peace, Calm, Balance, or whatever you call it, becomes the story of our Lives.! This world is a Prison full of worthless & funny Intricacies.!

This is what our “Lives” look like to a Sage.

Imagine a day when Spirituality emerges from the heap of Religion, the true meaning of GOD is reflected once again; the right way of Living is established, the goal of this organization be reached. Humans will live a Spiritual Life; a Life with a Stable Equilibrium. The goal for this organization “IndianSages” is to extract Spirituality from Religion, establishing the true definition of GOD, preaching it to all; thereby, halting all the worthless debates shrouding this Concept of GOD!

“Spirituality sprouts from the Heap of Religion”

Bharat Philosophy has multitude of things to offer to modern human. Modern Human today has lost the edge, has lost peace, has lost calm, has lost the better way of thinking, has lost the right way of living, has lost the superior perception; and even, lost the right way of breathing.! A way of living where the calm is never disturbed, peace of mind is never shattered, happiness is the way of life; the Infinite Bliss exists!

Establishing “Bliss”