The Essence of Enlightenment lies in a Life with Stable Equilibrium. The world around us has a tendency to disturb us. It stimulates us and wants us to react to the stimuli. It tries to get us involved in worldly affairs at any cost. It almost becomes a matter of ego for this world to grab our attention and muddle our balance. It instigates us and wants us to react in some way.

Eventually, it disturbs us!

To again attain this Peace, Calm, Balance, Emptiness, Thoughtlessness or mindfulness, whatever you call it, becomes the story of our Lives! This world is a Prison full of Worthless Intricacies and we are under House Arrest! This is how the world looks like to a Sage!

Can you stabilize your mind?

This is a book that can help.


Download the sample: Enlightenment – Chapter 2

Index of Enlightenment-1

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