Unity is against Spirituality

Unity of a sect, divides humanity into us and them. For us, there are some commonalities among ourselves and some benefits for us by us: The benefits based purely on prejudices. Unity of a sect is always against humanity. Unity teaches brotherhood among the sect but animosity among different sects. So much so, that the Unity and the Animosity becomes the two sides of the same coin. They co-exist.

Unity is against the Spiritual practice. Can it be beneficial in some context?

Unity can be beneficial to society, or Unity can be Spiritual when people see “Unity” in “Diversity”: Diversity of Culture, Caste, Race, Religion, Language, Diversity of Thought, Expression. Unity has a meaning only with Diversity. “Unity in Diversity” is golden.

Spirituality – Humanity – Unity in Diversity

Hindus lack Unity

Our culture is based on Spiritual practice. Unconsciously, Hindus have been following these tenets somehow. And that’s why the concept of Hindu Unity is almost diminished.

I have seen this, Hate and Brotherhood co-exist. As soon as the brotherhood of one sect materialize, it gives birth to the Hatred towards the other sect. Unity is non-Spiritual, but even then, majority of Religions base themselves on this concept of “Unity”. It’s a fictitious and irrational social concept, just like “Faith”. All the organisations, all the organised Religions have this thing in common – Faith, Unity and Discipline. Take an example of any one organisation. The basic tenets for the followers are

  1. Goal of the Organisation
  2. Faith in the top order
  3. Unity among themselves
  4. Discipline in following the orders

Accordingly, this concept is evident in Christianity, Islam, Armies, Companies etc. Unity becomes a common behavior among the masses; the “Culture”. Leadership promises to lead the masses from Dissatisfaction to Satisfaction; leading into a future with a promise of Security, Prosperity and Longevity. Disciplined action is what is expected from the members of the community.

Dreamy, hmm!!

But power knows not the difference between Possibility and Future.

In the attempt to create one such ideal society, the sect becomes anti to other sect, and start harming them. The Unity becomes anti-Diversity. Any diversion in thought, idea or action from the ideal benchmark is liable to be punished. Instead of peace, war ensues.

In the process of creating a homogenous harmonious society, what results is a Frankenstein. The Unity soon starts harming the members of the same community in the name of Discipline. In the name of Discipline, Freedom is lost. Essence of living is lost, Spirituality is lost, Life is Lost.

Hinduism does not preach Unity. It preaches the opposite of it: Diversity.

Should we be United?

Well, what should the other sect do. Wait and watch for when the United Sect will get enlightened! The Unity is destroying Spirituality? What should Spirituality do?

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