Who am I?

Who am I?

When I ask this question; there are many aspects which are coming to my mind. There are many answers possible to this question. But his time, I am really asking this question from a very non-spiritual point of view. Who am I? I need something to concentrate on.

On this path of enlightenment, the seeker has to lose all his identities. The person stops identifying himself with various worldly things. Like his caste, creed, nationality or religion. One frees oneself from this baggage. That’s enlightenment.

Nevertheless, being aware of this fact that the existence without such tags is true, we must create a suitable suit for us. We can it Avatar.!

These identities have some expectations in the society. When we see somebody wearing a uniform of a soldier, we know what behavior to expect from that person. Also, that person is aware of what behavior is expected from him. You might have heard somebody say, “hey, no mischief now as I am wearing my uniform”. So, this shell makes us move from self-discipline (which is more free) into discipline (which is more restrictive and is applied on us by others or by society).!

Sankhya Yoga in Hinduism is more about worshiping the “Shapeless”, and in the process, he gets himself rid of the identities, inspired by the real identity of GOD. This person is a Sage, a Monk, an enlightened soul.

Karam Yoga, on the other hand, is a more practical way of creating an identity. This identity worships WORK. He chooses a shell, that pertains to certain ability or profession. For this person the work is worship and so, working becomes worshiping. Work becomes identity. This shapeless soul creates a shell, it creates a suit for itself.

Creating a identity or choosing an identity is vital (See, do not make it a passion. That’s against spirituality). We must create an Avatar.! Yes, I have a suit now.!

Karamyoga seems to be the most practical approach.

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