Feel the Dissatisfaction

Let me say, that we are feeling dissatisfied today regarding something; and what if, we actually, do not do anything regarding that. Can we go to bed with this dissatisfaction? What could be the repercussions?

True that we feel, many times, dissatisfied and yet we are unable to do anything to do anything about it; Because we do have desires. Ain’t any problem with that preposition though. So, we are feeling dissatisfied now. Now what?

Now.. we must learn how to live calmly even in the times of dissatisfaction. Yes, I am feeling dissatisfied. How it feels? Close your eyes, and actually feel it? See, the physiological changes those were brought up by that emotion. Try to maximize this “dissatisfaction”. Now, dissociate yourself from the emotion. See your self as separate entity from it. Feel it. Be there. Face it. Digest it. Calm yourself. Kill the enemy.

Many a times, we are unable to remove the desire from our mind. And at the same time, we are unable to complete it. An example: Fasting; sleep with a hungry stomach. It’s feels so good. Really.

Live with Dissatisfaction

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