Forgotten art of “Sitting Idle”..!

Idle mind is devil’s workshop, they say. May be because of this, people are underestimating the power of sitting idle.

Today, in the age of internet, social networking, facebook and youtube, free entertainment, it’s becoming hard to even imagine sitting idle. We all are doing something or the other. We are never idle.! Whenever we find some time free, we no longer sit idle. We immediately find something. Earlier, only mind used to jump like monkey from one branch to other. Now, even our body along with physiological responses are becoming unstable.

The problem is, it is becoming harder for us and for our generations to stop doing anything; to sit idle, to take rest. We are degrading ourselves. We must find time to sit idle. Meditation these days is becoming very popular. What they teach us? They teach us how to idle our mind, how to sit idle, how to kill time. Many a times, our body is not doing anything but our mind is working at a high speed. Meditation teaches how to stop that. A monk controls his body as well as mind, such that when he rests, his body and mind, both go for a nap.!

We are forgetting how to sit idle. Nobody knows it. Yet, there are some ways to teach us the Art. Meditation is one and most popular. It trains us how to control our mind and body. Fasting teaches us Self-Control which can latter be used as a controller.

When they say, try to do NOTHING, it is very difficult. Why? Because it is contradictory. When we do something, how it could be NOTHING.! For some people meditation becomes difficult and paradoxical. They say, DO NOT THINK. But nobody tells, How to “not think”. There must be a positive definition and explanation of “how not to do anything?”. And that positive way is “Listening”.

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