Abundance & Contentment


Can they happen together?

Abundance!! Abundance seems to be the way of GOD, the way of Mother Nature. She has created so many of the things in so much huge quantities.! There’s plenty in the world. Plenty of desires, plenty of experiences, plenty of tastes, plenty of hobbies. Plenty of books around us, plenty of choices around us. Nothing bad in completing desires, although. Keep on going.

Contentment!! I want fruits.! There are so many fruits, we fill our stomachs to brim, still, we want more fruits. I am not hungry anymore. I have eaten with contentment. Still, I don’t wanna leave this place. I want more fruits. I want alcohol.! How many types of alcohol is available in the world! Imagine, human is just very very very small, when it comes to the abundance the world is having to offer. I want car.! Awesome car. The best car. Best design. Is there any definition of this BEST. Or any standard by the way. The creativity is so much overwhelming. The abundance in this life is so huge.. that all my pockets are small.! I am so Curious.! I wanna know how the mountains were created, I wanna know, where is the deepest point in the ocean. I wanna know, about the longest bone in the body; the best political system in the world; why birds fly. Oh my God. I am so exhausted.

So, What now?

Will we always be dissatisfied? Will the contentment never happen? Is the word “Contentment” has a meaning only in philosophy? Does it.. or Can it.. ever happen in real life?

हज़ारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी के हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले
बहुत निकले मेरे अरमान लेकिन फिर भी कम निकले

Lord Ganesha comes to rescue.! He says, yes, the abundance can co-exist with contentment. They are two separate variables. They can co-exist.

The satisfaction does not come like that. Things come from outside; Satisfaction comes from inside.! There is no connection between them. Satisfaction gives birth to happiness and bliss. Hence, happiness becomes even more elusive.

The world is made like that. Abundant. Mean it. Believe this. This abundance of things, abundance of experiences around us, will never be exhausted. Abundance be like, sitting in the shop of sweets. Imagine how would you feel. Still, you not eating anything. And that is what we need to practice. Sitting inside of this heap of abundance around us, and still feeling content. Lord Ganesha teaches that eating will never satisfy us. Never. So, just don’t get tempted by the overt world. Learn this way to live. Be so powerful in your conscience and meditation, that all these temptations should fall short of making us wanting of anything. Be satisfied with yourself. I am not saying that we cannot have these things, so let them go.! You can have them. But satisfaction is not related to have’s.

Oh Ganesha.! I pray to you.. keep me full and content.!

Fat like you.. yet Enlightened.!

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