अहम्कार is when YOU separate yourself from the Rest of Existence!

Root word for अहम्कार is अहम् ! अहम् refers to “The Individuality”. It is अहम्कार when अहम् exists! It is अहम्कार when you start creating your individual existence separate from the Mother Nature.

Now, You Exist! Wholly & Completely! Well-developed & functioning.!

Powerful to make changes in the environment, now you think you can act like an “Agent of Change”. You perceive yourself as the Major Cause for the desired Effects in your Surroundings.! You have done that, you can do this, now you will do that! YOU, YOU, YOU! You are not wrong, you are enough powerful indeed; but your identity has now separated itself from the Rest of Existence.!

A child considers himself a part of Nature, and hence, no proud, no individuality. Once he grows up, he develops his individuality and starts separating himself gradually.!

“अहम्कार” is one of the most dreaded unspiritual disease of all times. What makes this disease different from other illnesses: काम क्रोध मोह लोभ, is its STEALTH nature! It’s easy to recognize other diseases within the body and the mind. But this disease is hidden.! We never recognize the presence of this characteristic in our behavior.

When we emotionally and thoughtfully separate our existence from the very existence of the Mother Nature or society, we suffer from अहम्कार: Egoism!

Beware! You exist because of the World. It’s not vice-versa.


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