Forgiveness is not, that I am powerful, and so, I just let it go.!

We expect a perfect behavior, perfect reply, perfect response from others, in every possible situation; provided the definition of this perfection is itself incomplete, imperfect, and misguided, and single headed.

Understand, that in astrology, there are 12 houses but 9 planets.! How can one respond in all the situations and contexts in perfect way. All humans are, but just an arc of the circle, or just a semi-circle. Nobody is a complete circle. God has not created that perfect human being. The very possibility of that perfect human being is NOT created.! 12 houses are the 12 various departments of life, and 9 planets are sources of energy to empower those houses. How could one be Perfect?

Nobody is perfect in worldly life.!

Forgiving is when we understand and accept others with all their strengths and weaknesses, possibilities and limitations, good and bad, morality and rationality.!

Forgive others for being Different.!

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