Redundancy of Cultures

What is it, that Shri Krishna intends to preach in this episode? He mischievously hides the clothes of the bathing women, caught unaware.!

What is the message intended!

Point not to be overlooked here is that Shri Krishna was a Child. This event was potrayed as one of the kiddish mischieves, He used to indulge in. But this was a great satire at society. Have a vision to see through the plot!

Such a Satirist!

He intends to bombard the Redundancy of the Cultures and Conventions, the society has unnecessarily created. The society has been living since ages, repeating the conventions, without stopping, without giving a single thought, without asking questions fundamental in nature.

Isn’t this the immaturity that has grown in the society? What is it that the society is running from? What is it that we are hiding? Whom we are hiding from?

He intends to break the stereotype, the cultural conditioning that has happened over time. He ask us today, How will you break that? How will you unleash the real you? How will you cut through this Cultural Conditioning? How will you see the things without blur, if not shack our wisdom with these kind of Episodes?

There’s no flaw in wearing clothes, friends. This is, but, just a way of depiction.

Break the Cultural Conditioning & Feel the GOD!

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