Be ready to live!

What is this Dharma! धर्म क्या है? What is it? Explain it?

Indeed, this is baffling question. In Mahabharata itself, the definition has been confused so many times, by so many people, and with so many other things!!

Arjun confused Dharma with Moh; Bhishma Pitamaha confused Dharma with Kartavya; Yudhishtra confused Dharma with Ahankara; Only Krishna could see things clearly!

“Time-Context Sensitive Decision that favors the Society”

Nothing more, nothing less!

Align oneself according to the Present. See the present, feel the present, understand the present, perceive the present and react present. Perceiving the present problem and suggesting a solution. Whatever, is your decision, implementing that is Dharma.!

If our perceptions are wrong and misinformed, if they are influenced with emotions of various kind and hue, our reaction to the problems will not be according to the situation. Hence, it will not be perfect.

God Vishnu preaches about the life. How to make maximum out of it. There is this world around us. This world has a tendency to attract our attention. This world is made for us.! We are not made for this worldly things.! Do not let these worldly things influence us! Do not let these worldly things to alter our vision, our judgement, our decisions.!

We are here to live!

Just live in present. Enjoy the world around.!

Dharma is to disconnect from everything around, still living alongwith everything.! Like Lotus is never wet.!

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