Peace of Mind


True “Peace of Mind” is felt only when one understands that their is actually “No Goal, No Purpose” in Life. It has moved by itself till now. It will keep on moving by itself always. The TIME rules us. It gives the wound and it heals all wounds.

When we pretend to be chasing some Goal.. we tend to give some work to our idle mind. But this phase should be temporary. All Goals and Purposes are Man Made!

“No Goal, No Purpose”

“Be at Peace, with Yourself”

“Be Present”

Without this realization that all Goals are Artificial, this Goal becomes Passion. People become desperately dedicated to this Passion. They spend their whole life achieving this goal. In the process, they overlook to live life. And that is the realization “Sanatana Dharma” has always tried to make: Live life without Passions, without Goals. And when you still live a descent life, sufficiently motivation, creating a goal and living with the realization, is Karamyoga! Doing something, without having a Goal to achieve something is Karamyoga.

So, live life; Content, Happy and Satisfying!

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