Life is Complex. Life is full of Diversity, full of intricacies. It is not straight forward. It has many colors. Happiness, Sadness, Rage, Jealousy, Love.! Positive Negative.!

Lord Vishnu preaches the “Art of Living”. He inspires one to be all pervasive, all pervading, COMPLETE MAN.!

What completes us. What are variables. What are the conditions.!

Three Yoga Systems:

  1. Sankhya Yoga;
  2. Karam Yoga;
  3. Bhakti Yoga

Combine them all.

Further, there are four Purusharthas, and I have subdivided Dharma into three.

  1. Dharma
    1. Dharma
    2. Kartavya
    3. Swa Dharma
  2. Artha
  3. Kaam
  4. Moksha

Combine them all. Leave Nothing behind.! Be a Complete Man.!

He inspires war on Maya, and teaches how to control it.!

That is why, Lord Vishnu misses no Color. He misses no emotion.! He’s all and everything.!



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