Freedom Absolute


Freedom is what humans look forward to. Political Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Action, Freedom from Fears, Freedom!!

Are we really free today; to do anything whatever we want.! Look towards yourself, and boldly face it. Are you enjoying.. this Freedom.. you have?

Are you Free?

May be, your answer is “No”! But yeah, conditions are ripe to make it Yes.! You can be Absolute Free, but only if you understand how.

Forefathers, thought, that may be Democracy will solve all problems. People will have the feeling of Freedom! Political Freedom; yes we have. Freedom from Social Dogmas; India still fights. India is under tremendous economic and social transformation; for good.! Yes, we all are wading our ways to our desires, in the waters of social stigma.

It will take time, and its own course. Nothing could be done. Things are perfectly fine with India.

Nevertheless, there is one more freedom individual needs, as much as worldly affairs are concerned. And that is

Financial Freedom

Finance, to fulfill dreams, desires, goal..! To live a happy, free, relaxing, fulfilling life.! One must have time for oneself and one’s family, one’s wishes, desires, and goals, one’s responsibilities, one’s imagination; for recreation of oneself, giving food to one’s thoughts..!! But then.. you would be needing Time..!

Freedom of Time

Time.. not for job.. not for stress.. not for chasing.. not for working relentlessly, in achieving Man Made goals.! There has to be balance between Finance and Time.!

Gradually.. One day.. living life like this.. one will realize.. there is one more freedom..! You are still not Free. Having all the finances, having all the time for yourself.. you are still not enjoying Absolute Freedom! It still eludes.. There’s no Peace.. There’s no Calm.. You will not be Relaxed! What is missing.! One more Freedom!

Freedom FROM Thoughts

Freedom from all thoughts, all feelings, and imagination. Stop creating artificial goals. No more desires.. No more thoughts.. No more Goals.. No more chasing rabbits.. Absolutely Nothing you want.! Just Peace.! Relax..! There’s no goal any more.!

Come to India; Feel the Calm