Chaotic Religions


Which Religion is Best?

Wow.. Now that’s a Question!

Vedanta discusses two kind of principles those may be regarded as Religions:

  1. Dvaita Vedanta  [द्वैत वेदांत]
  2. Advaita Vedanta [अद्वैत वेदांत]

“Vedanta” means Conclusion of Vedas. Indian Sages concluded the debate by acknowledging the existence of Two Kind of Principles that could debate the existence of GOD.

Hinduism is Science

Dvaita stands for Duality of Existence, and Advaita is opposing view that is Singularity of Existence. In Dualist religions, there are two separate entities. One is God, the almighty, who knows everything, who drives this world around. And He is the one who created this universe. The concept of Good and Bad, Angels and Demons, Shaitan as per Arabic culture is concerned. In these religions people pray to their whatever almighty. This is juncture where fundamentalism and fanatic forces surface.  The God we pray, or the Demi-God we pray or whosoever, the Indian Sages gave them the term “Isht-Devta” (God who is prayed locally). Now, where there is such cult kind of following and there is a leader and adamant followers, rise of power and armies is the next eventuality. Whether it is Hinduism, Islam, Christianity etc etc, if there is a color of Dualism in a religion, or a group, there will be wars.

Individuality becomes Enemy of Diversity

Same thing happens when a charismatic leader rises (politicians) and become God-Like for people. It’s all “Group Psychology” and yeah, the basic “Need to Believe” also. This is the reason for all the Demi-Gods, God-Men kind of following. There is Pope in Christianity, there are Khalifa, and Imam for Islamic Ummah. It is just like extended family or joint family. I will follow the orders of my Grand Father, and you will follow the orders of your Grand Father. Lets fight it out and fight who is stronger. And stronger will be taken as right henceforth. This is the most rudimentary form of Spirituality. Such Religion has been used for creating forces, for creating armies. Nothing more. Now the concept is, when people follow such concepts, Diversity is the eventuality. And Diversity is not regarded good. It is seen as threat to ones individuality. Concept is applied on all. Everybody is stubborn. What should we do. Kill all. Clear all. Convert all. Genocide. Perfect peace when diversity dies.

This is a Lie.

This kind of Dualism is integral in Hinduism also. Let us identify the Dualist forces in Hindu religion. They are Shiva Cult Followers, Vishnu Followers, Ram Sena, Shiv Sena etc etc. Keep on creating as many as possible. There’s no dearth of such forces. Go to any place and you will find many. But such fanatic forces in Hinduism, should be regarded as reactive forces to the active forces of other fanatic religions.! This has it’s roots in Bhakti Yoga also.

The Conception of GOD in Hinduism is Complex

So what is अद्वैत वेदांत. This is the second type of religion. Actually not a religion at all, it is the only spirituality known. Now, am going to tell you something which is not easily digestible. The Conception of God in Hinduism is Complex. Singularity means, there are no Two. There is only one.!! Either one says I am God, or one says, we are the part of God. आत्मा और परमात्मा. This is the genesis of your spiritual enlightenment. Congratulations. This is another paradigm of visualizing GOD. This is Sakhya-Yog.

A Sankhya-Yogi says, one day I will realize myself. My atma will become param-atma. It is like, param-atma is ocean and atma is a wave in the sea. I have individuality but only as long Sea permits me to. I will die and I will born again, like a wave in sea. Now, am not saying believe me. When one realizes this, one is enlightened. By just knowing it, one does not become a sage. One have to convince oneself, one must realize oneself. And until, you agree, you are not enlightened. And all the Hindu religion scriptures, mythologies, stories, Vedas, literature, all confusion and chaos, is the explanation of “How to realize this yourself”. Then if somebody says, Advaita Vaidanta (Concept of Singularity) is wrong, you yourself will try to explain him, like a Guru. You would not need me or somebody else to teach the same thing.

Theory is complex but only knowledge worth knowing and understanding and implementing is अद्वैत वेदांत. The principle of Advaita, is basically spirituality. Try to understand that. This spirituality concentrates on oneself. What am I doing. Indian Sages tell us that Peace of Mind and Tranquility is needed to realize this. Only you are responsible for your peace of mind. It is not surroundings. If somebody tells you something and abuses you, your anger is your anger. You control it. Do not be angry. If you become angry you lose your peace of mind. All spirituality is gone.

So, which Religion is Best?

Do we need Fundamental Forces. The answer is yes. To secure ourselves. It is only Dualistic forces of Sikhs and Dualistic forces of Mahadev (Maratha) who saved us secured us from the wrath of Brutal Islam Forces. The dualistic forces are so passionate and fierce; difficult to fight them. That is why only Islam and Christianity were able to create so much havoc worldwide.!! Religion is passion. Hence, only counter fanatic and passionate forces are required to restrict other dualist forces. Only dualist forces can keep up with dualist forces.!

There are thousand subset Religions like Christianity and Islam prospering in India.

Also, if only Dualism is Regarded as religion, then I can say, that Hinduism consists of many religions.!! Many Dualist Religions, perfectly at par with Christianity and Islam. Conceptually. There are many isht-devta for Indians. As many Communities, as many Gods.

Diversity cannot be killed. Diversity is beautiful.

Hinduism is complex, it takes concentrated efforts to unravel the mysteries.

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