The Un*Planned Life


Planning! Have that ever worked for anyone.!

Well, Spirituality is Living without Planning! Live in Present; the Spontaneous Life! Nothing should be ready-made. This in this moment. Be Present. We must learn the technique of Living, without Past, and without a thought of Future.! This is the only right way, to get rid of regrets, and worries. Thinking about past, can only give us thoughts to regret. And the thoughts about future, can only make us worry.

What else are we teaching here: Live in Present, with Plan.!

No Past, no identity, no proud, no events, no memory. No Future, no thoughts, no plans, no worries, No Goals, no purpose. Still alive.! Nothing is right, nothing is wrong.! Free yourself, of thoughts, of bondage, of labor, of man made artificial purpose laden life.

Free Your Self.!

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