This is the LIFE…. Truly.. As created by GOD..

Now, look around you. What do you see? What we have done to our lives? Incomplete, dissatisfied, thirsty, hungry we are; surroundings are the same we have. Everybody’s looking for something.

Feel it that LIFE is never incomplete. It is always content and complete! Just Feel it! Being at peace with oneself, being at peace with one’s present (Hope or Despair, Prosperity or Misery), with one’s condition is the goal of SPIRITUALISM. Being Sad in Sad moment, and enjoying the Sadness; extracting Happiness and Satisfaction from that Sadness is the GOAL.!

GOD’s do not have this facility of suffering from all emotions. They are emotionless beings. They lack juicy experiences. They long for such experiences and hence, they take birth as HUMAN. This is Indian Mythology!

Lose yourself, do what you will to do, and understanding at the end of the process, that there is actually, NO GOAL, NO PURPOSE to our lives, is HAPPyNESS, Spiritualism; is Being Buddha! Why are we afraid of being Sad! Why we hate being Loser! Important thing is, whatsoever it is, it’s ME! Be Yourself, Cherish all your Emotions.!

See yourself

Absorb yourself

Love every part of your SELF

Be at Peace with Yourself

LIFE is, indeed, like this!

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