Indian Women


Women in Indian Society is regarded as Intangible form of POWER, WEALTH, and KNOWLEDGE.

Never in Indian Society, the beauty of women is Glorified.!

On the occasion of “International Women’s Day”, let me put some light on position of women in Indian Society.

It is generally asserted that may be, women have more freedom in foreign societies than in India. I feel the other way. It is not freedom that must be emphasized here. There are two different ways of treating women. In Foreign Nations and in their Cultures or Religions, girl is valued as a Potential WIFE in Future. In Indian society, it’s rather not wife, but a MOTHER: a Potential Mother in Future. This is the root cause of all the differences one can find in the treatment of women in different societies. Every Present state of women could be traced back to this SEED of difference.!

In foreign societies, hence, women try to project themselves as Good Potential Wife. They want to look good, they want to look ripe, open minded, perfect for coupling. That’s why they keep on gyming; they desire Desirable Bodies.! They want society to value them. Their family members want society to value their daughter as a Potential Wife. Hence, they encourage their daughters to look good, to go out with boys, to understand the male psyche. This is a standard in the their society; not to be judged as good or bad. If a women project oneself as Potential Wife, it is regarded as genuine. They wonder why some women do not want to become Beautiful or show off that they are Potential Future Wife! They follow fashion in day to day life. Not concerned with the nature of Mother, they enjoy their Individuality to the proper extent. Nobody is actually concerned with the Overt behavior of women. They just enjoy the Overt beauty.

Women is indeed the better half of Consciousness

Rather in Indian Society, no heed is paid for being Beautiful, or being a Potential Partner. Indian society, on the other hand, prefers women who could be good mother. Women with Responsible nature, dependable; they should know how to cook, how to take care of House, etc etc. The criterion to judge women drastically change in Indian Society. As a result, society overall tries not to be judgmental as far as body or beauty of women is concerned. It is seldom a big, crucial, vital or sine-qua-none criterion. Indian Society expects women to fit herself into the role of MOTHER as much as possible. Hence, working women is not a problem as long as children don’t suffer. Hence, girls when married in India, are expected to wear Cultural Clothes. The individuality of women is lost to her kids, and her husband and her family. There are festivals in which Girl Child is worshiped as Goddess, as Mother. They are taught how to be good Mother, and good Wife too. But Being mother is emphasized.

Expectations of Society matters more in both of the societies though.

Now this root cause difference creates HUGE difference in society overtly. The difference in society is eloquent and is self-evident in day to day life. Some situations render Western Style better, and some render Indian Style better. One may have more Freedom of doing anything, the other is respected and revered more. A complete PARADIGM SHIFT is involved in Perception.

Rather than being JUDGEMENTAL about Societies, it is better to just be AWARE of what these two societies expect from their women.

Dedicated to all women world wide: You are the half part of GOD, the half of Universal Consciousness, inseparable in all ways.




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