||शिवा भ्यान्तरे शक्ति शक्तेर अभ्यांतरे शिवा||

“Within Shiva lies the Shakti, Within Shakti lies the Shiva”

As the legend goes, Devi Parvati once asked Lord Shiva,”How can I be You and You be Me? Is there a possibility of us interchanging ourselves? Can I be You?”

Shiva, as always, stayed calm. He didn’t answer abruptly. He patiently waited for the proper explanation of Question asked by Devi Parvati.

Devi Parvati continued, “How can I be the LOVE itself? Is this possible?”

As a matter of fact, Lord Shiva concerns Himself with “doings” rather than preaching and learning or just talking. His way of teaching is not to teach concept of Why the things happen. He preaches How the things happen, and the answer of Why is left to the understanding of disciple. This is called “Tantra” or “When we do it”. “Mantra” is regarding thoughts and thinking. “Yantra” is regarding body; and “Tantra” i.e. Technique of doing things, is when “Yantra” transcends with the help of “Mantra”.

Lord Shiva wanted Devi Shakti to actually follow the process and thereby, directly transforming herself into Lord Shiva and then understanding the answer to Her questions. That day when He explained the theories, “Vigyan Bhairav” was created. “Vigyan Bhiarav” is the text that postulates 112 methods of transcending consciousness to higher levels which is local language can be said to be “Shakti transforming into Shiva”. These 112 methods are the best possible methods as per meditation and yoga is concerned. Almost all religion other than Vedic, are based on one of these methods. Likewise Buddhism follows one of the above technique. Lord Shiva preaches 112 such methods. All such different methods are used by different Shiva follower sects. It is established that anywhere in the world whichever sect does meditation, the method lies within the mysteries of “Vigyan Bhairava”. “Vigyan Bhairava” encompasses all.

This corollary is interesting, in that Shakti here symbolizes Individuals with fire and passion of transforming oneself into the Super Consciousness Shiva, and Shiva is the Ultimate Enlightened State of Mind. Here, Lord Shiva postulates 112 methods and asks the devotees to follow one of those methods to reach that mental state.

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This Auspicious Day of Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on the Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi of Hindu calendar month Mghaaa as per Amavasyavant month calculation. As per Poornimavant month calculation, the day is Krishna Paksha Triyodashi or Chaturdashi of Hindu calendar month Phalguna. On this day, the planetary positions in the Northern hemisphere act as potent catalysts to help a person raise his or her spiritual energy more easily. The benefits of powerful ancient Sanskrit mantras such as Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra increase greatly on this night.

This day is hence, rendered important for being best for Shakti to transform into Shiva. Hence, the lore of Marriage of Shiva and Shakti. Hence, on this day LOVE is defined; when one lover becomes another, and another becomes the one. Hence, spiritualism is defined; when Male becomes Female and Female becomes Male. Hence only, Bhakti Yoga, is defined; when Radha becomes Krishna and Krishna has to become Radha. LOVE is all time the same.

This festival is very significant for women, as Lord Shiva preaches Devi Shakti to transcend all meditative limits. This eloquently establishes that women are as good contender in the field of Meditation and Yoga as their counterpart, busting the myths of Men being better at Meditation than Women. It is just a myth. All techniques are performed by Devi Shakti. The equanimity of both sexes is unquestionable. Such is the glory of Shiva and such is the shine of Devi Parvati.

The pair Shiva and Shakti is considered the epitome of knowledge. This pair is credited for creating the major texts in Hinduism. First among them being the fourth Ved, Atharvaveda and also, Natya Shastra later.

||ऊँ नमःशिवाय||


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