The JOY of NOW

Feel the Present.

People talk about the Power of Now! Can you define “Now”! This “Now” is the answer to all problems! Just think about the problem you may be facing now. Not tomorrow morning, not in an hour, but NOW! There’s no problem!

The whole essence of Meditation lies in this NOW. Learning how to be intensely conscious of the Present Moment is the goal of all meditative techniques. NOW exists when your Future and your Past cease to exist in your mind. NOW exist when your ego vanishes; when you do not exist! You are Nobody! When everything vanishes, that is related to you!

It is this moment. Feel it. When we feel this present moment, the emotions resulting from this mental exercise is “Out of the World” experience. I assure you, if you actually feel the present moment for even a glimpse, you would be speechless, your eyes be heavy, your mind be calm, your body relaxed, and your face will smile.

Feel the Present AND be as Happy as a Child

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