The Comptroller of Thunderbolts

There is a unique character in Indian Mythology who existed from the time unknown and who allowed the stories about himself to be promulgated and rumored among people. He may be called ‘God of Destruction’ or terrible ‘Rudra’ who can end this universe in single blow, yet He is Mahadev. This is nature of society and people: If you are not present in the midst, you are the subject of conversation. If you are not present to justify or affirm what is being said, anything could be said about you. Society relish rumors, and Rudra is a favourite in fueling fantasies.

One such particular rumor in particular, had been passed thunderously out of proportion. Tale of Rudra leaving Brahma’s palace and joined the forest creatures, because He discovered one day that He was some kind of secret creature, a secret weapon, and He is not human. Untold magical powers, control over denizens of the forest. He is Comptroller of thunderbolts in furious sky.

BholeNath literally laughed at the thought of people imagining Him like that…..

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