To the Secular People of India

The reduction of dharma to concepts such as religion and law has harmful consequences: it places the study of dharma in Western frameworks, moving it away from the authority of its own exemplars. Moreover, it creates the false impression that dharma is similar to Christian ecclesiastical law-making and the related struggles for state power.

The result of equating dharma with religion in India has been disastrous: in the name of secularism, dharma has been subjected to the same limits as Christianity in Europe. A non-religious society may still be ethical without belief in God, but an a-dharmic society loses its ethical compass and falls into corruption and decadence.

I am writing this article for the sake of the secular Indians, the people with the post-modern thoughts of globalization, and sharing of the knowledge and attempting for creating a universal religion, or as they call it, the flat world, where all are equal etc etc. Well, this kind of thoughts have been the trend in India these days. If I talk about Hindu at large, they can be classified as fanatic Hindus and liberal Hindus. You may call them Chauvinist Hindu, and Secular Hindus. I, myself, is of the view of secular India where all the humans, irrespective of their caste creed and religion and even, nation, live peacefully. For this sake, am proud of the fact that India is the only nation sharing the fame of international stage, which has never been an aggressor on foreigner countries, since its genesis. The capability was not the cause of action.!! The nation whose psyche has not been corrupted out of power.

Let’s analyse the concept of secularism first of all. What it is? Be very attentive and please, be open minded and be ready to change..!! The concept of secularism as taken by US and other western countries is to, actually separate religion from the state (governance) absolutely. Hence, the western countries are not governed by the Canon laws of Christianity, which are similar to the Sharia law of Islam. Now, Islamic country are yet to recognize this fact that these laws which are given in the holy books and those which become the foundation of the very societies, are not perfect for a nation to grow. The Christian societies have recognized this, but Islam is yet to understand this. The western societies have separated religion from the science too, leave apart laws..!! Hence, atleast, the government is free from the baseless dogmas of religion and are able to create a scientific and lawful society for citizens. This is Secularism for West. They take this separation and this understanding that religions are separate from the science and law, is secularism. Now take this illustration. If in their country Hindus are living or Islam is living does those matter to the government.!! The notion of secularism in west from government point of view is that government follows no religion. All religions, hence, must take care of themselves. Government won’t interfere. Secularism is nothing more than tolerance of the other religions from citizen point of view, that Government in any case would not be favouring any religion.!! (i say limits of practicality are always imposed on such arguments).

Now, Secularism as Indians see it, is different from the above concept. Here’s a concept. A deep concept. Be very receptive.!! The Christian countries, given to the glory they have reached, had plenty of time to actually live the life in accordance with religion, and found the concepts of religion to be erroneous. Hence, they reached this conclusion that religion should be separate from the governance, and religion is not science. Hence, religion is dogma and are essentially rudimentary or waste. Hence, they took secularism as told above. Now see what happened in India. In India, the religion was Hinduism. And Shri Vivekananda says, that this religion is not based on dogmas but based on moral rationality and is scientific in its approach. The credibility of this religion is time and again tested by many scholars and rishis, only yet to be recognized by educated Hindus. The notion about religion in India is that this religion is not wrong.!! The principles of Hinduism are not rules or dogmas or superstition but they are morals, scientific.!! So, at the time of framing of the Indian Constitution, the great brains shared this notion that this religion shows the right way, just like meditation and so, other religions which talk about other ways to get to God, may also be scientific principles.!! Hence, all religions must be given value.!! So, the principle of secularism took a different shape for Indians.!! Secularism in India means mutual respect for all religions.! Because, may be all are science.!! If we respect physics, we must respect chemistry too. Hence, the notion for GOI is to favour all the religions and not to neglect all (based on assumption that all religions must be baseless).

The definition, the vision, the understanding, are qualitatively different from westerns. Well the quality of thoughts, note the difference.

Now, another concept that would make you think on your feet.!! Try to understand, why educated and modern Hindus are always speaking in favour of secularism, and how in the process damage the concept of secularism itself and Hinduism thereby.!!

Let’s go to Arab now. We all know, that that country is Islamic by Law: Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy. 97% population is Muslim. We all know what Arabia is, and I need not to make your point of view. Just imagine, that by sheer luck, you became the PM of that nation, and you are convinced that the nation must be democratic and secular. Leave democracy, assume that you changed the established law there and you made the nation secular by law. What do you think, Will the citizens of that country start behaving secular.??? Just imagine hard. The link between the constitution and the behavior of citizens should be pellucid now.

Now, let us fly to USA. We know that US always claim to be secular nation. But actually, this country is one of the ardent religious country and, it would may be shock to readers that in a 2002 study, 59% of Americans said that religion played a “very important role in their lives” and in a 2009 Gallup poll, 42% of Americans said that they attended church weekly or almost weekly; the figures ranged from a low of 23% in Vermont to a high of 63% in Mississippi. Nikki Haley (Nimrata Randhawa, Governor of South Carolina) who was Punjabi Sikh had to convert to Catholic Christian to win the religious masses there. Same is the case with Bobby Jindal (Piyush Jindal, Governor of Louisiana). He is also, Catholic Christian now.!! Atleast in India, the scientific vigour of Shri Abdul Kalam was valued more than him being Muslim.!! The irony is, that US claims to be most secular, most genuine and educated and sensible around the world. Hence, being educated or being rich, or being living a country led by secular law, does not ensure that the citizens would be secular. According to a 2007 survey, 78.4% of adults identified themselves as Christian, even when this fact that the religion is different from science has been eloquently established, and recognized by their government. In a 2002 study, 59% of Americans said that religion played a “very important role in their lives”, a far higher figure than that of any other wealthy nation.

So, back to India. Let me ask you a question now. Is there any link between the constitution and the behavior of citizens.!! How many people, who are educated Hindus and claim to be secular to the core and those who stand against the claims of Mr. Narendra Modi (for the sake of being Hindu Nationalist and PM candidate), have actually read, what is written in the constitution of India and what is it written in the Preamble of the Constitution.!! Are we actually concerned with it, that we would be sensible and secular if only, the constitution of India wants us to be.!! It means that you are secular and you are a home to the most post-modern thoughts, it is neither because you are educated enough, nor it is because your constitution claims it to be, but because this is what your parents have taught you, this is what you culture, your society has taught you. This is what the collective unconscious mind of your society has taught you. You are secular and also, inquisitive about much things, you are scientific in your approach to learn, this all is because of, your culture and your religion.!!! Our culture propels one, motivates one, to investigate oneself and learn the truth. And that is why you want reason for everything.!!

It is my wish to make this country secular, lovable, best, home to everybody, a nation that talks about love, care rather not money and power. This is what our collective unconscious wants, this is what actually Bhagwad Geeta wants, this is what “Ram ki Ayodhya” cries for, this is our culture and also, the genes.!! Hinduism beacons you to respect all, to love all. Being Hindu is Being Secular. If in this nation, Muslims or Christians cant live with peace and love and are not able to follow their own decisions, we are a little short of actually enlightened follower of Shri Krishna, Shri Ram, and the Mahadev Shiva. Hinduism says,”Be God”.

Be secular, but acknowledge, why are you secular.

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