Infinite Possibilities


“Give Wings to your Imagination; When do you intend not to fly.”

Never under estimate the power of GOD. I worship, Shri Krishna. Does that mean, the existence of Shri Krishna, is limited to being Shri Krishna only! Will He not be able to manage the presence of Aghori Saadhu Shiva! Can’t they both merge into each other. Is the existence of Shiva, limited to being Shiva only! Can’t Krishna be Shiva and Shiva be Krishna!

The avatar of Narsingha, everybody knows.! Was it not, a challenge to the imagination of the all powerful asura of that time, Hirnayakashyap! Was the killing of Raavana, not one of the infinite possibilities which even a Brahman like Raavan could not foresee!

“Infinite Possibilities” includes all Hopes of being Successful, also Despair of being a Failure. “Infinite Possibilities” implies “Limit to Imagination”.

Beyond Mind, exists the GOD

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  1. Bonojit Bhowmik says:

    Very motivational sir


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