Spirituality, if be easy, would not have  been confused so long. The prime aim of this organisation is about Extracting Spirituality from Religion.

We teach “Enlightenment”

Definition of Dharma is vast and overwhelming. These days term “Dharma” is used with religious connotation which is absolutely wrong. At the time of Bharata, there was no concept of “Religion”. There is no corresponding word in Sanskrit which replaces “Religion or Majhab” properly. There had been attempts to organise this system into Religion as foreigner intellectuals comprehended but this system of knowledge is so overwhelming that it is quite difficult to organise! The definition of “Dharma” is confused many times. The difference between Kartavya and Dharma is not established. There are two ways in which Dharma is defined; Dharma and Swadharma! Hence, the concrete definition could not be established. Bhisham Pitamah confused Kartavya and Dharma, debated Shri Krishan with Pitamah. Arjun confused Dharma with a component of Love: Possessiveness that is Moh. Shri Krishna had given the right definition.

A Paradigm-Shift is needed

At IS.org, we have undertaken this responsibility to introduce the concepts of Religion and Spirituality in totality to people. We have prepared a Personality Development Course for the interested followers who intend to understand this process of getting Enlightened.! We preach everything about Sanatana Dharma, all Systems of Yoga: Sankhya, Karam, Bhakti; Elements of Life: Dharma, Artha, Kaam, Moksha; Mind-Body Complex; Evils: Kaam, Krodh, Moh, Lobh, Ahankar; Theory of Guna: Satvik, Rajas, Tamas and also, the Dynamics of Power. Later, we preach all the forms of Meditation, Yoga and other Discipline oriented exercises.

This holistic course is provided Absolutely Free of Cost! But we do accept Guru-Dikshna!

Meditation affects Behavior

“Wisdom” is a Self-Discipline based Personality Development Course worth students of all ages. Meditation is highly beneficial; one thing notable here is, that Meditation affects Behavior.

And that’s the Crux.!