Unity is against Spirituality

Unity is against Spirituality. Unity of a sect, divides humanity into us and them. For us, there are some benefits based purely on prejudices. Unity of a sect is always against humanity. Unity teaches brotherhood among the sect but animosity against different sects. So much so, that the Unity and the Animosity becomes the two sides of the same coin.

In this article, I am specifically concentrating on the “Unity of Hindus”. There are religions which base themselves completely on the premise of Unity, although the concept of unity is totally Non-Spiritual. Religions are Organizations having a top order that believes in a Goal. There are followers having faith in top order. They stay united and disciplined for the sake of organization.

There’s no spirituality. So, should Hindus be united too?

The reality of Hinduism is that the religion does not preach to unite, and also, they never see the importance of being united. Although, they have paid the price for this disunity too, but they still refuse to negotiate their position. And that’s the strength of Spirituality in all of us that we do not see any purpose in unity.

Nevertheless, there have been thousands of attempts made to this purpose.

Starting with 1828, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who not only fought against Hinduism to stop Sati Pratha, created Brahmo Samaj with a purpose of Unifying the Hindus too. This could be regarded as first attempt by any social reformer to unite Hindus of this Nation. As earlier as 1793, because of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, he came into the contact with the Christian Missionaries which were allowed to work on Indian Society by the then Governor General Sir John Shore. He tried to allay many fears of Christians who were determined and convinced that Hinduism is not a good religion and must be reformed from Christian point of view and conversions be authorized.

One thing that he learnt by his interaction with Christian Missionaries was that “Hindus lack Unity”. This is 1800s am talking. Because of this lack of unity amongst us, foreign forces were again able to conquer our great Nation. Muslim kings were able to conquer India specifically because of the disunity of Rajputs. One thing that does not change with time in Indian History is this “Disunity”.

Brahmo Samaj tried to create a monotheistic religion like Christianity for Indians, with Brahma, the creator as the Deity. Obviously, people were not interested.

1893, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the famous extrimist leader of Indian National Movement, started Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in Maharashtra, in an attmept to unite Hindus. Many other attempts of creating Monotheistic Religion out of Hindus. Prarthana Samaj by Atmaram Pandurang from the state of Maharashtra, Arya Samaj by Dayananda Saraswati were some more attempts made to unite Hindus but in vain. Hindu Mahasabha in 1915, another attempt. 1925, RSS! Different names, same goals.

All through the History, there has been attempts to unify Hindus. But.. Alas… Still we ask the same question.. “Should we be United? Why we should be United?”